The act of confusion

I dont blog too often, and do you know why? Its because I can’t get started in this place. I don’t know if I am writing the write that I want to write. I was trying to write some anythings under the title of The act of injustice, but y’see, they asked me for a title again. And I don’t give the same title twice…

I have a new keyboard and so I really wanted to write something. I stole this keyboard from a public computer centre in my hostel. They’ll never know about ‘the case of the missing keyboard’ forget solving it. Its a really good piece.

Now I’ll check what all I can do here…I can change the font…I can make it larger than life. I can even infuse some confidence in it to make it a little more bold. I can show it different ways to stand. I can be pink here. And i can make a link here. Hey, its stuck…moronic linking text is something I hate. arghhh!! what do i do? see this place sucks…

Is it ok now…ooh, thank God with a capital G.

and i can change the way the text aligns itself.

ereh udru etirw nac I

now?does it make everything square?
does it??\

  1. ooh, no
  2. yes
  3. haha
  • bullet
  • girl you gotta love your man riders on the storm
  • and i now know that haha is no word…

ഓര് മെയിന് ഹിന്ദി ലിഖ് സക്ട ഹോണ് യാഹാന്

  • अजीब, मैंने हिन्दी लिखने की कोशिश की और इसने कन्नड़ लिख डाली। वैरी इन्तेल्लिगेंत,
  • अब अंग्रेज़ी कैसे करून?
  • hua?
  • ok

All is fine, and I’m an expert now.


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