Month: August 2008

Democracy and the Contagion theory

I am not your friendly thinker, I am a rebel whose only cause is rebellion. In this post, I hope to devastate the rationale behind democracy but, at the same time, offer no solution as to what should be a better style of government. I’ll be using mainly the contagion theory with some spices of my own to show why democracy, which is said to be the government of the majority, leaves the majority unsatisfied.

What is the contagion theory? The contagion theory is a theory of crowd behaviour which says that a crowd causes people to act in a certain way.

This contains a short introduction of what the contagion and other crowd theories are all about. Why do I support the contagion theory? Its because this is the only theory that does not overlook the individual while looking at a crowd. Other theories, especially the convergence theory, tend to believe that crowds are formed by same kind of individuals which results in a loss of their constituents. Also, I can’t see how crowds are formed by the same kind of individuals. It’s a common case but not a generally true one. Crowds can assemble due to a common motive but after the assembling is over, the crowds’ hypnotic effect takes over and some irrational decisions are taken, in many cases.

I like the emergent-norm theory for its a compromise, but what it really is, is the contagion theory. The only role of the convergence theory is limited to the assembling of the crowd.

Now we come to the topic of the post. Democracy: what is it? “Democracy is a system of government by which political sovereignty is retained by the people and exercised directly by citizens” –says aunt Wiki. In the times of today, democracy is carried out by the representatives of the people divided on the basis of population, landmass etc. These representatives are chosen by way of electronic media, print media, rallies, and/or direct contact with the people of the ‘constituency’. The most common of all of it is direct contact or first-person rallies.

Direct contact has the additional advantage of biasing the people using crowd neurosis. The speaker, who is usually (or becomes one due to his position of power) an influential person can direct the crowd to see his paradigm (rather the one he wants them to see). Also, intentionally, in the crowd are some of his own workers and they help to bias local areas of the crowd in favor of the speaker. How this is possible, the Contagion theory tells us. So, what happens is that a general bias starts to assume in the crowd and rationale is usually forgotten. Literate persons and free-thinkers fall don’t fall into this trap easily, but, for them, is the electronic and print media. The rallies and direct contacts are usually for those easily influenced and they easily fall into this trap. What happens after such a meeting is that rationales are forgotten and mob mentality prevails.

How the candidates are elected is an even more local phenomenon and it occurs after the rallies are over and people wait for the voting day. The contestant who has created a stronger network of after-rally shaping, wins more bias towards himself. This occurs through interaction within the public, interaction with the network and other media that is still available to them and all these constitute the after-rally shaping. This, according to me, is the most important stage and most votes are won in this time. A crowd shapes its constituents and what the after-rally shaping is the crowd taking a decision, not the individuals. So, clearly, the vote of the individuals is lost and a crowd vote happens. Some common examples of this effect are how a family usually supports the same party, even its children, though they don’t know what its all about, and how people of a particular community support the same group: like the Bengal section supporting the Left, for no apparent rational reason, and how the same party, despite its earlier failures, wins over and over again in the same constituency. These observations are quite general and there are many examples of people diverging in behavior from the above mentioned ones.

(Everyone needs a crowd. It’s the Dionysian state of meaningful existence, even though it’s not in too much of a fashion right now, but even the Apollonian principle’s following proves that collapse of boundaries is what happens and what gives true joy and justifies existence. These are my derivations from the Nietzschean theories from ‘The Birth of Tragedy’ and maybe ignored totally.)

Till now we know that votes are generally irrational and motivated by the crowd. So what happens after an election? A general dissatisfaction. Because people have voted for what they really never stood for. An average voter regains his individuality very slowly (maybe, because of denial) and when he does it he finds that what is happening now is wrong and he’s not satisfied with all that’s happened after the vote. He’s still in a state of denial and may refuse to accept that he was biased while voting. This can happen to the most rational thinkers, even.

Who wins the election? The majority. And who is most generally dissatisfied? The majority and the minority, both. Democracy has and almost always goes wrong. The present government of USA is an example. It’s not uncommon for pacifists to choose a fascist government just because at the time of election, the crowd was biased and an irrational decision was taken. It may be noted that bribery, force and other means are also counted as means of generating bias. So, both partial and ideal democracy fail, and they fail a bit too often (this failure may also be a general prevalent mob mentality and not an absolute one).

This is almost all I want to say. I may not have been too clear, but I shouldn’t say so, it may destroy whatever little bias I could generate in the reader. Bias, of course everywhere, means making one see someone else’s point of view.

The revolt of the hitchhiker

The first question: what is the first question. The second question: why is the second question. But let me ask the second question first assuming you have enough what (or knowledge). Why has the hitchhiker revolted? The hitchhiker has constantly been blamed for inconsistency and disloyalty. Now he’s ready to answer all the allegations.

He asks a question. Who made the hitchhiker a hitchhiker? He says he’s gone enough into this question and knows that it’s not god. A hitchhiker was made by the road he was set on. And mind you, very few hitchhikers are born on roads. They’re usually born on the intersections and have many roads to choose from. He can well get a vehicle and drive his journey himself, but again, y’see, it’s really rare. I’m a hitchhiker myself. I’ve not rode many rides but I somehow have gotten bored of it. After you know that you could well have your own car, it becomes really difficult to ask for a lift. I don’t want to steal anyone’s car. So, I’m going to buy mine and give rides to others, and make them feel poor and foolish.

Who will ride with you? Or are you just another hitchhiker.

I am the blue
I can tell you what not to do
I am the exploder
I can judge you by the sounds you make
Girl, let’s go out tonight
just me and you
and have a real sad time together.

Lay scattered in this world
the little parts will be
Sew them together, will complete me.
Of course,
a vapid man partin’

The final act

This is the final act. This is final because I’m bored with the monotonic titles I’ve been giving lately. After this I’ll post under the act of injustice some posts which won’t be any acts. I should explain the king of the titles, the act of injustice. It isn’t really too big a something, but is a question. Why? Mr. Covey says that whatever happens to you is your own fault. I can accept his hypothesis, and the your in the previous line, I assume it to be the collective your for a collective you.

Why? The question is: why do we have a brain that can think of us not having a purpose, and still be so dumb, or not sharp enough, to get the answer? This is my problem. Your problem. Every existentialist’s problem. Blessed are those who haven’t still thought of it.

So, you get what the injustice is all about? Now the answer I think lies not in finding the answer, but in finding our weaknesses. The problem may be difficult, but like every master puzzle, the answer will be an aha effect; it’ll be so easy, so clear, so fucking obvious.

Everything simple, or obvious has had been a miracle at some point of time. Newton was not so genius to think that something was pulling us down. Fire? Your mirror image. Imagine the horror of the first dude who saw his reflection and was teased all day long by this weirdo who copied all his actions.

So you say existentialism is a bigger or better or a more complex something? I say, yes. In the timeline we are at present, it is. It could well have been a different world had some dude made the right choice. It should rather be the collective choice: the choice of the crowd.

All we need is a hope. And some dope.

Who are we to cry for injustice when we are the ones who made all the choices?

The act of celebration

I’ll talk mostly about you, that why you’re a problem to me, why you need to change. I’ll also talk about how we can celebrate, what we can celebrate, why we can celebrate. I’ll also talk about something definitely out of context. But like always, this post may just become another chart of my dislikes, opinions, and things you don’t want to know about me or about anyone else, for that matter.
Let’s start with a point. A point, as we know it, is a infinitesimal interpolation of a line. Now, let there be two points. If we join these two points by what we commonly call a line, we get what we commonly call a line. A line is a one dimensional object. Now lets take a point outside the line and a point on the line and join them. What we get is a branch off from the original line and the figure we have now is a two dimensional one. Now, you’ll have to use your brain. Can you mentally branch off a two dimensional object from a two dimensional object? If you can, then you get what is a three dimensional object.
All this may seem absurd but it is very essential for the act of celebration.
So far, we’ve seen that a branching results in the creation of an extra dimension. Its really easy for humans to visualise and imagine in three dimensions because its the world we live in, the earth, its three dimensional. Now, lets do the difficult part. Space has three dimensions, but only space cannot define our world. So, we invoke the concept of time. What we know of time, instinctively, are the points, called usually the past and present, and in some cases the future. These points can be precisely determined by using a calibration like the lines of radioactive-Cs, or the orbit of earth etc. Here, I add some innovation(not mine): by joining two points of time I get a timeline. Your life, my life, the life of earth, of the sun, of the universe are all timelines, different timelines. When we branch off from one of such timelines, we get a cluster of timelines. The ‘space’ or fabric of time is the third dimension of time and it contains all the possible timelines.
After we’ve gone through the above exercise and understood it completely, we can start to analyse what life is, from a mathematical point of view.
Our life is just one timeline of all the timelines. See, a branch off from our current timeline is resulted by either choice, chance, or the action of others or two or three of them. This indicates that our life can go in any direction by things that might be beyond our control. Death in this timeline is just another point, after which you’ll go in some other branch, though there’s a strong chance that you can get out of the two dimensional time plane and get to any other point on the plane, resulting in some sort of a rebirth, or influence upon the situation there. This case will explain all occult phenomenon, and everything supernatural.
But the question still remains: why do we celebrate? Tell me dear, haven’t you really got what I wanted to say. It was something exceptionally simple. If you see your life mathematically and not emotionally, you’ll know that no timeline is good or bad, or painful or joyful, or anything extreme; its just different. This brings me to a conclusion of mine: every emotion is basically the same. Absurd? No. Mathematics leaves no scope for emotions, that’s what you may think, but it does. It considers all emotions the same. So, if all emotions are the same, we can choose anyone of them, the one we like most and give it to ourselves all the time. This is the act of celebration. This also explains how we can celebrate. Emotion is nothing but a chemical disturbance and we’re nothing more than machines. So, if you want to remain happy all the time, make your sadness a reason to celebrate. Its a really complex something and if you can really get what I mean to say, you’re either very intelligent, or it was a small something which any kid could think, or something else.
But I still haven’t told you why I you’re problem to me. Its because you either don’t know the above something and still haven’t got it, or you know it and choose to ignore mathematics and accept your emotions, which are nothing but hallucinations of the common mind.

Chased. Chased. Circles. Aliens.

Anger of the day (or The Withdrawal Symptoms)
Fools speak, and they’re wise
all they can’t see is a surprise.
They grow, and grow nothing
for the desert is vast and dry

(Tangerine plays)

Found myself a feet,
I am the seed,
I may be slow, but I will grow.
You got no dope, no hope.
Wicked is the truth
that its not so honest.

(Yallah plays)

Words are my only friend,
and I won’t be careful
All I need to know, to do
trapin’ a vapid man
is to grow.

(Not to touch the earth plays)


The act of isolation

Level I: Of course.
Level II: Now.
And here I’ll elaborate. I really haven’t done anything in my life. So, you can read this blog assuming me to be a useless, unworthy guy, who went wrong somewhere in the correct lane. But if you do so, I’ll call you a moron. I’ll be talking about life, since that’s the only thing I do: I live.

Phases they come and go. In the end, the poet remains, with all his poetry. A poet is a divine fool or an essentially wise dude, and either way its the same. I’ll write some of my poetry later on. I have something called a disliking to anything that’s not like me, and mind you, being something like me is really easy and common. So, I have really few dislikes.

I don’t want anyone to read this. Its because after they read this they’ll have opinions and they might be different than me. So, I’ll hate them. But y’see, I’m an absolute sort of guy, I can know how you think and so, I won’t hate you that much, but again y’see, my indoctrinated principles and ideas and opinions will come in the way of my absolute thinking and I’ll aagain start to hate you.

I am really intelligent. And I hate guys who think and act and talk like they are intelligent too. And if you’re sharp or a sexist, then you must’ve seen how I use guys everywhere instead of person which symbolises that I’m avoiding any judgement on the other type of the human race. And its important too, ’cause I don’t really know them. I have studied them for quite sometime now but still haven’t been close enough to know them completely. So, I don’t know the way they think and thus I think they are morons, meant to be used just as objects of pleasure. Surely, I have found some of them worth talking to, so worth that I want to talk to them all the time. Again, I don’t know if its really them or is it my sexual urges that makes this happen. But really, the most intelligent person I’ve ever met is a girl.

Enough about me, lets talk about me. Its a Johnny Bravo line that I quoted. The use of I in the writings of mine is an extreme indicative of the type of person I’m. I’m spiritual. If you don’t get how I say this, I must say that I don’t have the skills to express what I mean. I judge a lot. A bit too much. But you can call it psychoanalysis and get away with it.

What level II is is the act of isolation. I am trying to separate myself from the surroundings in order to develop a very strong ego. Then will come the level III.

And do you want to know how it all began? I wasn’t ever like this till one day I got selected to the college of ‘my’ choice. Then, things began to change. I started to live away from home, a really important experience, and frankly speaking, I think its just the aftershocks. After an year into the college of doom, I had done nothing in a place where I had come to do nothing. I had come to college to have fun. I had had enough of regulations and a routine. It suited, the college, that is. It gave me real long stretches of time when I had nothing to do. So, I did what I did most of the time: I began to think. Slowly but really quickly, the changes came. And even before I knew, I was a different guy. Its really difficult for me to trace when exactly it happened, but a funny thing had happened and I just couldn’t help it. I still have three more years in this college of doom. Wonder where I’ll go. I might just become a poet.

Should I talk about girls now? I am a man goddamit, I should have a bit more libido. I mean, how could a guy write some 1000 words (I think I’ve wrote that much) with just one instance of any girl in it. Well, I’m not going to write about any girl. Instead, I’ll jot down the one thing that changed my life. And you know what, I’ll think of it as I write. So, I can contradict it anywhere and anytime I want to.

Let it be my dad’s transfer to Chandigarh. I had no friends there and I didn’t make any to play with in the evenings. And thus started the development of my very strong ego (which has been duly reinforced by some not-so-intelligent guys around me). It was ninth class and I now knew that sex, girls, adult jokes are taboo and should not be talked of at home. Girls now came into my life as something to be fucked rather than to be made friends with. This idea must’ve been disturbing, I had some really good girl-friends in the past and I had never thought of having something which shouldn’t be talked of at home with them. But y’see, I am good at emotions and their control. So, I controlled myself. Eventually, I sort of began to see how it was wiser to just fuck them. Then, I went into a phase of “I-want-to-be-something”, and did all that I could for where I am now. I was too serious about it, but it doesn’t mean that I tried too hard. It just happened and I landed here.

Bored. Blasted. Back again. Bang Again.

The Rhythm of Truth

Two fake plots
cannon shots
White snakes and corn flakes
Dirty volcanoes and soul aches
Slow the train, forget the grain
Endless is a lake, no time to entertain
The lake is a sheet, can’t ride no fleet
Tear the sheet, can’t find no feet
The fall is dark, there must be light
can see the mirror, strange delight
Oh, the sweetest music, great refrain
what are your ears, when they hear only vain?
What are your eyes, when they see only lies?
And the greatest visionary has closed his eyes
The child is alive, and he speaks bad
for the dog knows that all’s right
Yes, he’s glad.
Neither the stone nor the jungle
delight is not in the light
see the dark.

The act of confusion

I dont blog too often, and do you know why? Its because I can’t get started in this place. I don’t know if I am writing the write that I want to write. I was trying to write some anythings under the title of The act of injustice, but y’see, they asked me for a title again. And I don’t give the same title twice…

I have a new keyboard and so I really wanted to write something. I stole this keyboard from a public computer centre in my hostel. They’ll never know about ‘the case of the missing keyboard’ forget solving it. Its a really good piece.

Now I’ll check what all I can do here…I can change the font…I can make it larger than life. I can even infuse some confidence in it to make it a little more bold. I can show it different ways to stand. I can be pink here. And i can make a link here. Hey, its stuck…moronic linking text is something I hate. arghhh!! what do i do? see this place sucks…

Is it ok now…ooh, thank God with a capital G.

and i can change the way the text aligns itself.

ereh udru etirw nac I

now?does it make everything square?
does it??\

  1. ooh, no
  2. yes
  3. haha
  • bullet
  • girl you gotta love your man riders on the storm
  • and i now know that haha is no word…

ഓര് മെയിന് ഹിന്ദി ലിഖ് സക്ട ഹോണ് യാഹാന്

  • अजीब, मैंने हिन्दी लिखने की कोशिश की और इसने कन्नड़ लिख डाली। वैरी इन्तेल्लिगेंत,
  • अब अंग्रेज़ी कैसे करून?
  • hua?
  • ok

All is fine, and I’m an expert now.