Month: June 2012

All Alone

I look up and down
and it scares me so
I could explode tomorrow
and no one would hear me go.
We are all together
in life and eternal death
with no watchers
and no listeners.
Sentient species, like cows,
my children that roam around
feeding on freedom
trapped eternally.

I wish I had hands
so long they could reach the sun
so I could pull myself to it
and get done with all of it.

I can bear this loneliness no longer
I can go around in circles no more
I want to feel no gravity
I want to travel tangentially.

Will she remember me tonight?

we shared a joke
for a passing
no one else
she is a stranger
to me
as I am to her.
we were not

when at night
I slept alone
I thought about
her sudden glance
her smile
her turning away
and if
like me
she would remember me tonight?