Day: August 15, 2008

The revolt of the hitchhiker

The first question: what is the first question. The second question: why is the second question. But let me ask the second question first assuming you have enough what (or knowledge). Why has the hitchhiker revolted? The hitchhiker has constantly been blamed for inconsistency and disloyalty. Now he’s ready to answer all the allegations.

He asks a question. Who made the hitchhiker a hitchhiker? He says he’s gone enough into this question and knows that it’s not god. A hitchhiker was made by the road he was set on. And mind you, very few hitchhikers are born on roads. They’re usually born on the intersections and have many roads to choose from. He can well get a vehicle and drive his journey himself, but again, y’see, it’s really rare. I’m a hitchhiker myself. I’ve not rode many rides but I somehow have gotten bored of it. After you know that you could well have your own car, it becomes really difficult to ask for a lift. I don’t want to steal anyone’s car. So, I’m going to buy mine and give rides to others, and make them feel poor and foolish.

Who will ride with you? Or are you just another hitchhiker.

I am the blue
I can tell you what not to do
I am the exploder
I can judge you by the sounds you make
Girl, let’s go out tonight
just me and you
and have a real sad time together.

Lay scattered in this world
the little parts will be
Sew them together, will complete me.
Of course,
a vapid man partin’