Day: August 14, 2008

The final act

This is the final act. This is final because I’m bored with the monotonic titles I’ve been giving lately. After this I’ll post under the act of injustice some posts which won’t be any acts. I should explain the king of the titles, the act of injustice. It isn’t really too big a something, but is a question. Why? Mr. Covey says that whatever happens to you is your own fault. I can accept his hypothesis, and the your in the previous line, I assume it to be the collective your for a collective you.

Why? The question is: why do we have a brain that can think of us not having a purpose, and still be so dumb, or not sharp enough, to get the answer? This is my problem. Your problem. Every existentialist’s problem. Blessed are those who haven’t still thought of it.

So, you get what the injustice is all about? Now the answer I think lies not in finding the answer, but in finding our weaknesses. The problem may be difficult, but like every master puzzle, the answer will be an aha effect; it’ll be so easy, so clear, so fucking obvious.

Everything simple, or obvious has had been a miracle at some point of time. Newton was not so genius to think that something was pulling us down. Fire? Your mirror image. Imagine the horror of the first dude who saw his reflection and was teased all day long by this weirdo who copied all his actions.

So you say existentialism is a bigger or better or a more complex something? I say, yes. In the timeline we are at present, it is. It could well have been a different world had some dude made the right choice. It should rather be the collective choice: the choice of the crowd.

All we need is a hope. And some dope.

Who are we to cry for injustice when we are the ones who made all the choices?

The act of celebration

I’ll talk mostly about you, that why you’re a problem to me, why you need to change. I’ll also talk about how we can celebrate, what we can celebrate, why we can celebrate. I’ll also talk about something definitely out of context. But like always, this post may just become another chart of my dislikes, opinions, and things you don’t want to know about me or about anyone else, for that matter.
Let’s start with a point. A point, as we know it, is a infinitesimal interpolation of a line. Now, let there be two points. If we join these two points by what we commonly call a line, we get what we commonly call a line. A line is a one dimensional object. Now lets take a point outside the line and a point on the line and join them. What we get is a branch off from the original line and the figure we have now is a two dimensional one. Now, you’ll have to use your brain. Can you mentally branch off a two dimensional object from a two dimensional object? If you can, then you get what is a three dimensional object.
All this may seem absurd but it is very essential for the act of celebration.
So far, we’ve seen that a branching results in the creation of an extra dimension. Its really easy for humans to visualise and imagine in three dimensions because its the world we live in, the earth, its three dimensional. Now, lets do the difficult part. Space has three dimensions, but only space cannot define our world. So, we invoke the concept of time. What we know of time, instinctively, are the points, called usually the past and present, and in some cases the future. These points can be precisely determined by using a calibration like the lines of radioactive-Cs, or the orbit of earth etc. Here, I add some innovation(not mine): by joining two points of time I get a timeline. Your life, my life, the life of earth, of the sun, of the universe are all timelines, different timelines. When we branch off from one of such timelines, we get a cluster of timelines. The ‘space’ or fabric of time is the third dimension of time and it contains all the possible timelines.
After we’ve gone through the above exercise and understood it completely, we can start to analyse what life is, from a mathematical point of view.
Our life is just one timeline of all the timelines. See, a branch off from our current timeline is resulted by either choice, chance, or the action of others or two or three of them. This indicates that our life can go in any direction by things that might be beyond our control. Death in this timeline is just another point, after which you’ll go in some other branch, though there’s a strong chance that you can get out of the two dimensional time plane and get to any other point on the plane, resulting in some sort of a rebirth, or influence upon the situation there. This case will explain all occult phenomenon, and everything supernatural.
But the question still remains: why do we celebrate? Tell me dear, haven’t you really got what I wanted to say. It was something exceptionally simple. If you see your life mathematically and not emotionally, you’ll know that no timeline is good or bad, or painful or joyful, or anything extreme; its just different. This brings me to a conclusion of mine: every emotion is basically the same. Absurd? No. Mathematics leaves no scope for emotions, that’s what you may think, but it does. It considers all emotions the same. So, if all emotions are the same, we can choose anyone of them, the one we like most and give it to ourselves all the time. This is the act of celebration. This also explains how we can celebrate. Emotion is nothing but a chemical disturbance and we’re nothing more than machines. So, if you want to remain happy all the time, make your sadness a reason to celebrate. Its a really complex something and if you can really get what I mean to say, you’re either very intelligent, or it was a small something which any kid could think, or something else.
But I still haven’t told you why I you’re problem to me. Its because you either don’t know the above something and still haven’t got it, or you know it and choose to ignore mathematics and accept your emotions, which are nothing but hallucinations of the common mind.

Chased. Chased. Circles. Aliens.

Anger of the day (or The Withdrawal Symptoms)
Fools speak, and they’re wise
all they can’t see is a surprise.
They grow, and grow nothing
for the desert is vast and dry

(Tangerine plays)

Found myself a feet,
I am the seed,
I may be slow, but I will grow.
You got no dope, no hope.
Wicked is the truth
that its not so honest.

(Yallah plays)

Words are my only friend,
and I won’t be careful
All I need to know, to do
trapin’ a vapid man
is to grow.

(Not to touch the earth plays)