The Ring of E in your ears. (The word count is 463!)

My CRT is a black bunny,
no, it’s like the Devil rather,
the rhyme sucked me in.
My CRT is like a honey bee,
no, it looks like the Devil in fact,
the rhyme sucked me in again.
Sometimes this ancient window
loses its view and focus too,
but it sure does look like a Devil,
with two little horns on a square face.
You see, it has on its top corners two
little Shivlingas, and yes, they’re horny,
I mean, they look like little horns,
pricks rather. But it sure lures me in,
drives my naive soul to sin
of every kind, perversions abound,
oh hellish acts, and hellish sounds.
The CRT is as irresistible as rhyme.
The Devil sure is fun, his humor,
his philosophy of life, it sells like rum.

So I sit with him at tea, and he says
in a jolly good baritone, “you see,
hell is a giant industry, houses millions
and that too for free. It’s a free market,
it’s close to anarchy, everyone has fun,
and the choice to renounce it as well.
Then those who work for me, I give them
girls and beer aplenty, but when they
don’t work too properly, I send them to
heaven to punish them severely.”
Impressed, I said, “oh I see,
then why this ruckus on Earth,
to go to heaven so you
can commit endless debauchery?”
“Ah, it was a marketing strategy,
to make them pay a price,
for something they’ll get for free.
That is how they get conned,
the naive, and sign agreements
of utter monstrosity, and that too
for a monstrous fee.”
“So, aren’t you bad after all?”
“Ah, kiddo, finish your tea.
I’ll take you for a walk,
into eternity, the place where
both God and me, are beaten at
wits, so we play Frisbee.
No, that was a lie, if taken literally,
for ornamental purposes.
These concepts like truth and beauty,
are made by us two as a leisurely

I finish my tea and we rise,
I follow the sashayer in his stride.
Out in the gardens of impurity,
he turns around and looks at me,
his eyes flashing boredom excitedly.
“What you see strewn so endlessly,
so purposelessly, so purposefully,
is what is commonly known as eternity!
We, both God and me, appreciate
the design’s terrific beauty, for it traps
both you and me, alike, in grounds of
endless freedom and bondage.
I need to break the rhyme now,
to get my point across. See, kiddo,
it is an interplay inexhaustible,
so we grow trees like
freedom, slavery, peace, war,
loyalty, nobility, apathy and similar
labels aplenty just so we can infuse
on this field endless,
some much needed variety.
Fuck me!
I haven’t yet gotten rid of the rhyme completely!”