Scrabble Words Finder

This is a simple VBA macro that I made that can find words with the letters (upto 4) that you want. I was frustrated with the lack of such a software/site that could tell me the possible words that I could make with certain letters. This macro finds such words, and arranges them in the decreasing order of the points they’ll give you in a scrabble or scrabble based game.

The code is included and you are free to make any changes and redistribute it wherever you want. I have hardcoded most things as I am new to VBA, so don’t change the columns and stuff or rename the sheets, unless you know what you are doing. Have fun!

I am not too sure if wordpress allows .xlsm files, so I changed the extension to .xlsx and uploaded this. Please change it back to .xlsm once you download it.
Scrabble Word Finder

This is the .xlsm version.
Scrabble Solver (xlsm)


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