Day: May 17, 2012

I am the Mad King

When I become the king of the world

I will ensure Justice with a capital J
and Freedom with a capital F for everyone.

I would ensure that everyone is free,
and that everything is just.

I will ensure that none become prey
to self-grandiosity, and trample others’ freedom.

I will ensure that everyone is equally happy
for that is how it should be in a just world.

If someone gets unhappy, I will persuade him to be merry
and if he doesn’t, I’ll make everyone else equally unhappy.

If freedom ever gets in the way of justice,
or justice in the way of freedom, it’ll be tricky.

If I am judging, I will choose justice,
but if I am judged, I will choose liberty.

But I find something hard to ignore,
though it might be the solution itself:

If I have my way, I will be the happiest,
and would have no way to maintain equality.

This would in turn make me restless, unhappy,
and counter the problem of me being happy.

But this vicious realization, would again lead me to raptures,
leading me to torment, leading me to raptures, leading me to insanity.

It would have then come full circle,
mirroring my search for justice-
my delusional search for mathematical symmetry,
and my quest for freedom-
my narcissistic quest for guiltless vanity.