Natural Blues

Man has altered the environment around him in his own image so much that he believes he controls it. This is the ultimate god complex, unconsciously enjoyed by many. It surfaces at various points, in many guises: our views about the environment, our views about our species, our views about vegetarianism, et al. While not entirely irrelevant to his survival, many of these are indeed a psychological luxury we find ourselves shamelessly indulging in. What we often fail to see is a simple old fact: we are products of nature, and anything we do, by extension, is natural.

Don’t we all marvel at how ants build their colonies, maybe because we all are aware of staring into our own reflection. We leap with joy when a hungry lion gets a prey, and we feel terrible for the little innocent deer it plunged its teeth into. But the question is: who is really innocent here? The answer is no one.

Each of the species on Earth is designed so every individual of it should take care of itself. A very cleverly crafted design, with little patches of order in a largely chaotic world, that hinges on what may, on first looks, feel like a delicate balance. However, I beg to differ. The balance is hardly delicate. In fact, of all systems possible, it is one of the sturdiest and patiently built. Individual species may get sacrificed on the way to eventual, far-off doom, but it is so designed that many things would be moving no matter what.

But then, we may be cleverer than we seem to be. That is, we might be a selfish species. That each one of us is stuffed up to the neck in selfishness might just add to the collective selfishness of the human species. Then, whatever our actions are, no matter how they are packaged, are designed keeping our own interests in mind. And thus, purposeful and intelligent (also, natural).

What bothers me, however, is that there are a few confused souls, who took all this packages at their face value and started sanctimoniously spewing advice for others for a more pious life.  The vegans. PETA. Human Rights‘ Organisations. (Sometimes even economists.) They often boil my blood. Not because they are retarded, but because they are retarded and have a voice. I am not a totalitarian, but these morons are influencing our lives at a personal level to extents pretty irritating. Not grave, just irritating. For once, I wish they’d see the world in my mirror, and have a clearer view of the world. But alas! I am not the king of the world. Yet.

Sometimes it feels good to just bicker. That’s what they do. That’s what I am doing. The only difference: I would know when to shut up because I have an insight of my own character that they lack (of their own characters). Nothing but stupidity to blame for it.

Go ahead, I know you're itching to say it...

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