Bed-sheet Genius

Rumours like fires spread
of a man finally out of bed
claiming to have seen in a dream
the meaning of life and the
trick to remember the dream.

In his dream was a layer of snow,
the more he dug the more he’d know.
He dug till the air grew thin
motionless he stood at the end,
with the sky, far away, grinning.

And in his dream did he realize
that he could’ve dug on either side.
No sooner than he had thought this
the earth beneath started to crack
and the wind broke in with a hiss.

His dream was now flooded with light
no ground below, he was in a flight.
He fell through the sky to the land,
only to find that if he had dug upwards,
he would’ve only found sand.

So the genius fell and fell,
through the hole and the sky.
The trick to remember the dream
was to break the rhyme.
Thus he woke up with a start.


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